A Little History about the Crew

Welcome to the Turn 2 Crew web page.

They said it would never happen, but by God here it is!!

Imagine that, a REDNECK from Alabama designing a web page. What the hell is the world coming too! I thought of this idea after consuming a few beverages at the Talladega race in Oct of 1998. The crew all had a good laugh at me about this web site and continued to give me HELL at the Texas race in March 1999.

Let me explain something to you rookies. Back in 1995, a few Air Force rednecks stationed at Keesler AFB in Mississippi thought it might be a good idea to go drink some beer and watch a NASCAR race. The first race we all drank some beer at, was the spring race at Atlanta. We parked a piece of sh** camper in turn 2. The rest is history. We have attended many races since Atlanta and we always park in Turn 2. We know where the action is!!!!

We have since become high tech Rednecks and reserved infield spots at both Talladega and Texas. Send an E-mail to find out where.


Disclaimer: If you see your women on here, I'm not responsible, I just took the pics.

This page is updated when I'm sober and I feel like it.

Send mail and revealing Pics to  Turn2Crew@turn2crew.com