If your Sunday don't include NASCAR, you are in the wrong damned place. Go watch Lawn Bowling or formula one. Same damned thing.  

The Turn2Crew is back with a new site and a new attitude. Glad you could stop by, This site about some good ol boys that like racing, if you haven't guessed by now.

Inside you will find pictures and comments from various races we have attended, and any damned thing else I decide to put on here. I'm always open to suggestions which means if I like it I will put it on here and if don't, to damned bad.

As far as the pictures go, you might just see yourself on here. You might not remember when they were taken, just depends on how many adult beverages you consumed. If you are real lucky, you will get to the pics you wouldn't want to show your ma. At least I wouldn't.

We like to have a good time, so grab a beer and come on in and take a look around. What else you got to do.



Let Me In Dammit!





Disclaimer: If you see your women on here, I'm not responsible, I just took the pics.

This page is updated when I'm sober and I feel like it. I felt like it!!!!!

Send mail and revealing Pics to Turn2Crew@turn2crew.com

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